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Tim Havens

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In March of 2003, Tim Havens opened Cherry Bomb Tattoo and Piercing, now one of the longest continually operating tattoo studios in the Roanoke Valley. 
Throughout his career, Tim has won many awards for his technically impressive and creative work, including Tattoo of the Day three times, Best Small Color Tattoo, Best Overall Male, and Best Tribal/Celtic Tattoo. Outside of his awards, Tim is best known for his impressive use of realism, bold color, and black and grey in his work. 
With over 25 years of tattooing and piercing experience, Tim has been around the industry long enough to witness the changing tides of public opinion regarding body art, and appreciate the innovation in the industry brought about by newer techniques and technological advancements. 
Tim’s dedication to art in all its forms has influenced his nurturing of Cherry Bomb into what it is today; a supportive and creative space that is trusted to provide quality work, where the only limitation is the client’s imagination.

To ensure the safety of his customers and the quality of work that comes from his studio, Tim is a licensed instructor for body piercing and tattooing and is certified in Blood Borne Pathogens, CPR, and First Aid. 

Tim Havens has been a master piercer since body piercing was still a developing industry. In 1998 he opened his first tattoo and piercing studio in rural Virginia, and quickly made a name for himself.

   He was self-taught, adapting techniques and styles to craft jewelry and tools before they were available. As new tools and techniques evolved, Tim expanded his abilities, improved, and traded knowledge with suppliers and artists to become an expert.
   His studio had been open for several years when he was offered an apprenticeship opportunity at Rendezvous Tattoo and Piercing in Blacksburg Virginia with John and Pattie Rowan. His apprenticeship heavily influenced the advancement of Cherry Bomb Tattoo and his use of titanium jewelry for piercings as it is strong, light, and safe.


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